About Us

Our Work

The Jackson County Community Children's Services Fund was created to allocate resources generated by a Jackson County sales tax.  With values of Accountability, Adaptability, Collaboration, and Integrity, the goal of the fund is to assist partner agencies to increase, expand, improve, and/or initiate services that protect the well-being and safety of children and youth aged nineteen years or younger and strengthen their families. 

Our Mission is maximizing community resources to build and maintain a comprehensive integrated system of quality services for children and families in need. 

Our Team

Rob Whitten, LPC,  Executive Director


Sue Richter, Operations Manager


Our Board

Rhonda Holman, Chair

Jovanna Rohs, Ph.D., Vice Chair

Brian Kaberline, Secretary

Rachelle Styles, CPA, Treasurer

Robert Bartman, Ed.D.

Ann Mesle, J.D.

Marietta Parker, J.D.