Supporting the social and emotional well-being of our kids

1/8 of 1 penny can help change 1 life

Children’s mental health, and social-emotional well-being matters. That’s why we help local kids thrive by funding local partners dedicated to the kids in your neighborhood. And it’s all because of a voter-approved ⅛ cent sales tax.

Since 2018, we’ve awarded $68 million in support of children and families in our community. See how it works — and why it matters.

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Concerned about local kids? Read our blog to learn about what they need to thrive, and how we’re helping them do that – together.

Emotional and social wellness for kids & youth

You've helped 1 in 3 Jackson county kids

Our funding supports nonprofit, public school, and charter school programs that promote mental health and social and emotional wellbeing for children and youth. So this tiny tax? It has a big impact on our kids and our communities. And as much as we’ve done, more kids need our help.

Curious about how your dollars are serving local kids?

Read our blog to learn why kids’ mental and emotional wellness is so important – and how your support is helping kids thrive.

What we fund

We fund 10 service areas that promote the mental health and social-emotional well-being of Jackson County kids.

Crisis intervention
Home & Community based intervention
Individual, Group and Family counseling
Outpatient psychiatric treatment
Outpatient substance use treatment
Respite care
Services to teen parents
Temporary Shelter
Transitional living

Why it matters

It's easy to think that kids are naturally resilient and not susceptible to the same issues as adults are. But childhood is where many of those adult issues begin.

Learn more in our blog.

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We’re proud to support Jackson County organizations that work every day to help our kids thrive. In 2022 and 2023, we’ve committed to investing $32,859,055 in 102 projects across 78 organizations.

So yes, that tiny tax has a big impact. Because every ⅛ cent you spend in sales tax adds up to healthier, happier kids. We love what we do because we love Jackson County kids.

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