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In 2020, Jackson County was home to more than 165,000 children and youth under 18 years of age, and ranked 75th out of 114 Missouri counties for child welfare. Thirty-two percent of our county’s children under 6 years of age live in poverty. Twenty-five percent of our older kids do, too. Hundreds are victims of abuse or neglect. Thousands require clinical psychiatric care. A prior needs assessment of funding for children’s services in Jackson County revealed an annual funding gap of over $21M. CSF exists to change this story. Uniting care, connection, and creativity, we are providing opportunities to give hope to Jackson County kids.

CSF is an innovative way to support child well-being projects. While we are funded by a Jackson County sales tax, we are a stand-alone organization led by an independent board. We are committed to community equity. Our board is balanced to reflect our county, and we work to educate and support all applicants, so everyone—including small organizations and first-timers—has a fair shot at funding. We believe in fresh solutions, constant progress and collaboration. Our work allows us to see the whole-county picture, so we can connect like-minded partners and promote new collaborations.

CSF strives to be ethical, accountable, innovative, collaborative and inclusive. Our vision is to create community, fairly distribute funds and openly advocate for the emotional and social well-being of Jackson County children.

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Invest in the mental health and social-emotional well-being of children in Jackson County and serve as a champion for children and their families.



Invest in, collaborate with and convene partners and other organizations to align community resources with the needs of Jackson County children.



Demonstrate the collective impact of CSF investments by defining and measuring tangible results. Earn the community’s ongoing confidence in the work of CSF.



Ensure a diverse and open culture through operations and governance focused on continuously improving outcomes for children.

What We Fund

We fund 10 service areas that promote mental health and social-emotional well-being of Jackson County kids.

Crisis intervention
In response to acute mental health crises, these services focus on rapidly restoring a child’s baseline functioning.
Home & community based intervention
These important services allow children and youth to access behavioral health interventions in their homes and communities.
Individual, group and family counseling
Supportive services promote the wellbeing of children and families with psychological evaluations, mental health screenings, and therapy.
Outpatient psychiatric treatment
Children receive comprehensive mental health care services from evaluation and diagnosis to treatment and medication management.
Outpatient substance use treatment
Youth and families receive therapeutic services including assessments, early intervention, educational, counseling, therapy and aftercare.
Kids develop coping skills, strengthen relationships, and increase community engagement to decrease their risk of substance use and mental health issues.
Respite care
Families with kids get access to temporary emergency shelter during crises or periods of stress in order to safely preserve the family unit.
Services to teen parents
Young parents develop positive parenting skills, receive counseling and behavioral health, and get resources and referrals for more support.
Temporary shelter
Youth and kids experiencing abuse, neglect, homelessness, or other housing barriers can live in a safe, stable environment for up to 30 days.
Transitional living
Counseling and supportive services are an integral part of programs that help youth transition from homelessness to safe living arrangements.

Our Community Impact Framework

We make funding decisions based on key areas of impact and specific activities and outcomes. This framework is designed to support programs focused on prevention, resilience, and community, as well as supporting new opportunities that strengthen organizations and help them grow, expanding their reach and helping more of our kids thrive.

Take a closer look at what guides our funding decisions.

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From early childhood to late adolescence. In homes, in schools, and in the community. Our funded partners are doing important, innovative work for kids.

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How Do We Work?

The backstory: In November 2016, Jackson County voters approved a ⅛ cent sales tax to fund CSF. Jackson County Ordinance 4951 established the fund in January 2017, and the tax went into effect in April 2017. Since our inception, we have awarded almost $85 million to nonprofits and schools in support of childhood mental health and to protect the well-being and safety of Jackson County’s young people and their families.

In 2022, we’re supporting 102 projects with $19.9 million.

Statutes & Ordinances

All our primary documents, all in one place. See how CSF got its official start.

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Curious about how CSF functions? Here’s the small (but important) print.

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