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In 2020, Jackson County was home to more than 165,000 children and youth under 18 years of age, and ranked 75th out of 114 Missouri counties for child welfare. Thirty-two percent of our county’s children under 6 years of age live in poverty. Twenty-five percent of our older kids do, too. Hundreds are victims of abuse or neglect. Thousands require clinical psychiatric care. A prior needs assessment of funding for children’s services in Jackson County revealed an annual funding gap of over $21M. CSF exists to change this story. Uniting connection, care and creativity, we are providing opportunities to give hope to Jackson County kids.

CSF is a new way to support child well-being projects. While we are funded by a Jackson County sales tax, we are a stand-alone organization led by an independent board. We are committed to community equity. Our board is balanced to reflect our county, and we work to educate and support all applicants, so everyone—including small organizations and first-timers—has a fair shot at funding. We believe in fresh solutions, constant progress and collaboration. Our work allows us to see the whole-county picture, so we can connect like-minded partners and promote new collaborations.

CSF strives to be ethical, accountable, innovative, collaborative and inclusive. Our vision is to create community, fairly distribute funds and openly advocate for the emotional and social well-being of Jackson County children.

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From early childhood to late adolescence. In homes, in schools, and in the community. Our funded partners are doing important, innovative work for kids.

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How Do We Work?

The backstory: In November 2016, Jackson County voters approved a ⅛ of a cent sales tax to fund CSF. Jackson County Ordinance 4951 established the fund in January 2017, and the tax went into effect in April 2017. Our first 9-member board, appointed by our county executive, started meeting in May 2017. By that November, we announced our first funding opportunity. In 2018, we allocated $5.7+ million to 53 projects. Currently in 2021, we are supporting 97 projects with $14.8 million. In 2022 and 2023, we will distribute up to $15 million each year to nonprofits who protect the well-being and safety of Jackson County’s young people and their families.

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All our primary documents, all in one place. See how CSF got its official start.

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Curious about how CSF functions? Here’s the small (but important) print.

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