Individual, Group and Family Counseling

The CSF funds programs that provide individual, group and family counseling services that improve functioning and build resiliency skills that help young people thrive. We fund evidenced-based modes of therapy, including play therapy for young children; cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); Functional Family Therapy (FFT) for at-risk youth; and trauma treatment methods, such as EMDR, just to name a few.

The need for counseling is great

1 in 6 young people1 have experienced some kind of mental health challenge in the past year. But, like most states, Missouri doesn’t have enough mental health providers to meet the demands of its population. Our children and adolescents need help overcoming mental health conditions (anxiety, depression, ADHD, and behavioral issues are the most common) and the adverse effects of trauma, including experiencing abuse and witnessing violence. We fund programs that fill this mental-health gap.

Explore our current individual, group and family counseling services partners.

Who We Fund

Investing in counseling services strengthens Jackson County

Healthier Kids

Counseling services help young people overcome mental health conditions, heal from trauma, and build resiliency skills.

Better and Safer environments

Counseling services create safer, more supportive environments for children and teens – both at home and in school.

Stronger community

Counseling services not only benefit young people but help families and communities heal together and collectively build social-emotional skills.

"MOCSA provides therapy for children who’ve been sexually abused, and their families, to help support them and help them in their healing. The CSF is critical to the work we do. We’re able to impact so many more children as a result of that funding. From rural communities to the urban core, we’ve expanded our programming for children, impacting more children and more families to make sure they heal from the trauma they’ve experienced."
Julie Donelon, President & CEO, MOCSA
"We’re seeing an increase in stage 3 and 4 cancer diagnoses … more kids need individual counseling, so their family members’ cancer diagnosis doesn’t become a trauma event that affects them long-term."
Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley, Executive Director, Gilda’s Club

The CSF difference

As a voter-approved, tax-funded program, the CSF works to elevate and “raise the tide” for everyone working to support kids in Jackson County. Investing in mental health services, our partners, their programs and collaboration for innovation is what’s best for our kids — and our community.

Validating impact

Our rigorous funding process balances the utilization of proven approaches with an opportunity for innovation to ensure impact for Jackson County kids.

Ensuring effectiveness

Our Community Impact Framework aligns partner efforts in a strategic, comprehensive manner to strengthen mental health, reduce abuse & neglect, and increase skills & knowledge for children and youth.

Creating community

Our network of collaborative, innovative prevention specialists, mental health professionals, and area leaders work together to improve outcomes for children and families, uplift the community, and build stronger relationships between child-serving organizations.

Learn more about our funding strategy.

Our Community Impact Framework

Learn more about our partners providing counseling services.

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