One of the CSF’s 10 services areas is Prevention. One could argue this is the most important category we fund because its aim is to decrease the need for many of the other services our partners deliver. We fund prevention services for children and teens that help them learn coping strategies, strengthen relationships with positive adults and their wider communities, and build life-long social-emotional and personal safety skills. To reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect, some programming is geared toward helping parents of infants and toddlers.

Supports that lead to better mental & behavioral health for kids

Decades of research has shown that prevention services lead to better childhood mental and behavioral health outcomes; decrease risky behaviors like substance abuse; provide prevention education for parents to lower incidents of infant and early childhood abuse and neglect; and give young people the emotional and relational resources to recognize, prevent and/or recover from traumatic events, including domestic violence and sexual assault. Our partners do the important work of addressing the root causes of and reducing harm from those traumatic experiences — all with the goal of keeping our Jackson County kids healthy.

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Who We Fund

Investing in prevention services strengthens Jackson County

Social-emotional skills for kids

Prevention programs give kids the social-emotional skills they need to live healthier lives.

Better and Safer Environments

Prevention programs create safer, more supportive environments for children — both at home and in school.

Stronger community

Prevention programs build healthier communities and decrease reliance on future social services.

"Kids trust us to not just give them a typical answer, but to really see them and hear them. We take the time to develop relationships with them that give us the place to speak to them in ways that really help them navigate conflict."
Jaylon Verser, Co-Facilitator, Center for Conflict Resolution
"The CSF team are the most wonderful people to work with — so understanding and tuned in to what’s going on. They’ve allowed us to keep kids safe, help them get their childhood back, and enjoy it again."
MaryAnne Metheny, CEO, Hope House, Eastern Jackson County

The CSF difference

As a voter-approved, tax-funded program, the CSF works to elevate and “raise the tide” for everyone working to support kids in Jackson County. Investing in mental health services, our partners, their programs and collaboration for innovation is what’s best for our kids — and our community.

Validating impact

Our rigorous funding process balances the utilization of proven approaches with an opportunity for innovation to ensure impact for Jackson County kids.

Ensuring effectiveness

Our Community Impact Framework aligns partner efforts in a strategic, comprehensive manner to strengthen mental health, reduce abuse & neglect, and increase skills & knowledge for children and youth.

Creating community

Our network of collaborative, innovative prevention specialists, mental health professionals, and area leaders work together to improve outcomes for children and families, uplift the community, and build stronger relationships between child-serving organizations.

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Our Community Impact Framework

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