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$30 million in 2024 will help keep Jackson County kids safe, healthy and hopeful.

Our Application Process

As a voter-approved tax-funded program, the CSF puts accountability and responsibility at the forefront of decision making through four principles that guide funding and organizational best practices.

Confirm Your Eligibility

Carefully review what and who we can and can’t fund.

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Apply for Funding

Gather required documentation and reach out with any questions.

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Receive Funding

We’ll review all applications and notify you of the outcome.

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What We Fund

To promote the mental health and social-emotional well-being of Jackson County kids, we award funding in 10 service areas.

  • Crisis Intervention services that help to restore a child’s baseline functioning in urgent situations.
  • Home & Community Based Intervention that gives kids and youth access to behavioral health services in their homes and communities
  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling that provides psychological evaluations, mental health screenings, and therapy to kids and their families.
  • Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment that offers comprehensive mental health care including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and medication management
  • Outpatient Substance Use Treatment that provides therapeutic support for youth and families via assessment, evaluation, early intervention, education, counseling or aftercare.
  • Prevention that helps kids and youth build resilience, develop coping skills, strengthen relationships, and increase community engagement.
  • Respite Care that works to safely preserve the family unit during family crises or periods of stress through temporary emergency shelter.
  • Services to Teen Parents that help them develop positive parenting skills, receive counseling for behavioral health, and get resources and referrals for more support.
  • Temporary Shelter in a safe, stable environment up to 30 days for youth and kids experiencing abuse, neglect, homelessness or housing barriers.
  • Transitional Living that helps youth transition from homelessness to safe living arrangements.

How Do We Work?

We’re looking for nonprofits that promote kids’ mental health and social-emotional well-being, and strengthen families of children and youth (under 19) in Jackson County. Our top priorities include crisis intervention, counseling and therapy, home and community based intervention, shelter & transitional living, and prevention services.


  • Applicants must be Missouri nonprofits or government entities and be certified or licensed in Missouri to provide funded services (if applicable).
  • Funded partners must get at least 25 percent of their funds from sources other than CSF and conduct independent financial audits yearly.
  • Funded partners must maintain their clients’ confidentiality; provide services regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender or age; and screen employees and volunteers who provide services directly to children and youth.


  • Up to 30 days of temporary shelter for abused, neglected, runaway, homeless or emotionally disturbed youth; respite care services; and services to unwed mothers;
  • Outpatient chemical dependency and psychiatric treatment programs; counseling and related services as a part of transitional living programs; home-based and community-based family intervention programs; unmarried parent services; crisis intervention services, inclusive of telephone hotlines; and prevention programs, which promote healthy lifestyle among children and youth and strengthen families;
  • Individual, group, or family professional counseling and therapy services; psychological evaluations; and mental health screenings.


  • Inpatient medical, psychiatric, and chemical dependency services
  • Transportation services
  • Capital campaigns, construction and building expenses



Here’s what we’ll need to see in your application. Your application components tell the story of your organization, program and funding needs. The required attachments support your story. If you have questions about eligibility or the application process, we’re happy to help. Send your questions to the CSF team at [email protected] right away.


  • Agency Overview
  • Program and/or Service Delivery
    • Problem Statement
    • Approach
  • Program and/or Service Management
  • Program and/or Service Outcomes
  • Budget and Narrative


  • Project Timeline
  • Most Recent Audited Financial Statements
  • IRS Tax Determination Letter
  • Licensing (if applicable)
  • Tax Clearance or Waiver (Jackson County Assessment Office)
  • Memorandum of Understanding – outlines relationship & services (if applicable)


There are several steps following the submission of an application for funding before a decision is made:

  • Our partners at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation do an initial review of all applications to ensure all eligibility requirements have been met.
  • The applications are provided to the CSF, where they are read, scored, and summarized by CSF staff.
  • Once all applications have been reviewed, application summaries are shared with the board, who also have access to all full applications as well. These application summaries are discussed during a board work session.
  • We may request additional information from some applicants, either through written response or an in-person interview. (Follow-up at this point is not always necessary – and a lack of follow-up should not be interpreted as a decision not to fund a program or service).
  • Once follow-up issues have been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction, a final funding slate is presented during a regularly scheduled board meeting for approval by the full Board of Directors.
  • Funding decisions are communicated to all applicants, regardless of outcome.
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