Outpatient Psychiatric Treatment

Thousands of children in our community require clinical psychiatric treatment annually. However, funding deficits and a shortage of providers have created significant barriers to accessing the services these young individuals require. The Children’s Services Fund invests in outpatient psychiatric treatment in order to bridge this gap. We support organizations that offer a range of essential outpatient psychiatric services, including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and medication management.

Early, accessible, and consistent care for lifetime patterns of well-being

Outpatient psychiatric services include psychiatric evaluations to diagnose mental health issues and create treatment plans, as well as ongoing, non-residential psychiatric treatment and medication management. Access to high-quality and consistent psychiatric care is especially essential for children because early interventions and support can influence the entire trajectory of their home, academic, and social lives. The absence of these services can, likewise, cause long-lasting detrimental impact on their development and engagement with the world around them.

In the USA, nearly one in five children grapple with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders1. However, only 20% of children with such disorders receive specialized mental health care, leaving many without the essential support they need. Accessibility barriers, such as a shortage of mental health care providers, high costs, and limited insurance coverage for mental health, further compound the problem.

Ensuring accessible outpatient psychiatric care is imperative to empowering families in Jackson County to address their children’s mental health needs effectively and consistently.

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Investing in Outpatient Psychiatric Care Strengthens Jackson County

Early Intervention and Prevention

Accessible psychiatric care allows for early diagnosis and intervention, preventing escalation and future health care burdens.

Stronger Families

Accessible psychiatric care supports families in navigating the challenges of raising a child with mental health needs, reducing family dysfunction.

Reduced Juvenile Delinquency

Access to psychiatric care diminishes the risk of behavioral problems and juvenile delinquency, thereby enhancing the safety of both the child and the community.

"What we know from talking to organizations who work with kids and nonprofits and schools is that there is simply not enough money to provide all the services that are needed. Especially services in the area of mental health and emotional wellbeing."
Rob Whitten, CEO, Children’s Services Fund of Jackson County

The CSF difference

As a voter-approved, tax-funded program, the CSF works to elevate and “raise the tide” for everyone working to support kids in Jackson County. Investing in mental health services, our partners, their programs, and collaboration for innovation is what’s best for our kids — and our community.

Validating impact

Our rigorous funding process balances the utilization of proven approaches with an opportunity for innovation to ensure impact for Jackson County kids.

Ensuring effectiveness

Our Community Impact Framework aligns partner efforts in a strategic, comprehensive manner to strengthen mental health, reduce abuse & neglect, and increase skills & knowledge for children and youth.

Creating community

Our network of collaborative, innovative prevention specialists, mental health professionals, and area leaders work together to improve outcomes for children and families, uplift the community, and build stronger relationships between child-serving organizations.

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Our Community Impact Framework

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1 Center For Disease Control
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