Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

Within Jackson County, the Children’s Services Fund (CSF) assumes a central and influential role in supporting the holistic mental and emotional health of children. One of the ways it does this is through dedicated support for organizations specializing in outpatient substance use treatments and services: assessments, interventions, treatment and recovery plans, after-care, counseling, and group therapy.

Treatment Options That Support the Holistic Well-being of Children

Across the US, the need for substance abuse intervention for teens is growing. According to the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare, drug use among eighth graders increased by 61% between 2016 and 2020. Furthermore, the risk factors created by substance use are numerous and have particularly complex and insidious effects on children and adolescents. For example, in the US, one in eight children (or 8.7 million kids) under 17 live in a household with at least one parent with a substance use disorder. This exposes all those children to a wide range of biopsychosocial repercussions that inevitably impact the communities in which they live, work, study, and play.

Ultimately, Outpatient Substance Use Treatment and Services are simultaneously complex and vital components of the continuum of mental health care for young people whose lives encompass substance abuse. Our partner organizations operating in this service area not only attend to individuals struggling with substance use themselves, but they also provide services geared towards children whose mental, emotional, social, medical, and behavioral health has been jeopardized by the substance use of family members.

The outpatient aspect of this service area is vital to the holistic well-being of children; organizations that provide these critical services address the medical and psycho-biological aspects of substance abuse in ways that allow children and youth to maintain their daily routines and remain with their communities of support.

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Who We Fund

Investing in Outpatient Substance Use Treatment and Services Strengthens Jackson Community

Reduced Social Isolation

Outpatient treatment helps children and adolescents reduce incidents of relapse, delinquency, violence, and other behaviors that adversely affect their connection to communities.

Supporting Educational and Employment Goals

Timely support for children and adolescents allows them to maintain academic and employment pathways.

Dismantling Generational Cycles

Outpatient programs aim to break the cycle of substance use disorders and abuse-related trauma within families.

"The children most profoundly affected by parental substance use also grapple with a range of other biopsychosocial repercussions which cause them to manifest behaviors that make it difficult for them to engage in the classes and activities.”
Megan Keller, Family Service Team Lead, First Call
"We used to have ebbs and flows in Family Services. CSF-funding support offered us a level of sustainability we needed to keep programming consistent. [...] But going beyond funding, Children's Services Fund is dedicated to being a true champion and supporter of the agencies that they partner with; they truly seem to be part of our team."
Emily Hage, President and CEO, First Call Drug Prevention and Recovery
"The Children's Services Fund was the first time we had dedicated funding to support the implementation of the How To Care program. It's been critically important to as we did the outreach to get that training in front of more people."
Emily Hage, President and CEO, First Call Drug Prevention and Recovery

The CSF difference

As a voter-approved, tax-funded program, the CSF works to elevate and “raise the tide” for everyone working to support kids in Jackson County. Investing in mental health services, our partners, their programs, and collaboration for innovation is what’s best for our kids — and our community.

Validating impact

Our rigorous funding process balances the utilization of proven approaches with an opportunity for innovation to ensure impact for Jackson County kids.

Ensuring effectiveness

Our Community Impact Framework aligns partner efforts in a strategic, comprehensive manner to strengthen mental health, reduce abuse & neglect, and increase skills & knowledge for children and youth.

Creating community

Our network of collaborative, innovative prevention specialists, mental health professionals, and area leaders work together to improve outcomes for children and families, uplift the community, and build stronger relationships between child-serving organizations.

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Our Community Impact Framework

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