Tiny Tax. Big Impact.

The Children’s Services Fund (CSF) provides financial support to organizations promoting kid’s mental health and social-emotional well-being in Jackson County.

We want to help our community’s children and families thrive. So do you. Through a tiny sales tax, we can make a big impact together.

Voter approved in 2016, the CSF has awarded over $84 million in support of 129 projects across 85 partner organizations through a ¼ cent sales tax.

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1/4 of 1 penny supports the social and emotional well-being of our kids.

Children’s mental health, and social-emotional well-being matters. That’s why we help local kids thrive by funding local partners dedicated to the kids in your neighborhood. And it’s all because of a voter-approved ¼ cent sales tax.

Since 2018, we’ve awarded $68 million in support of children and families in our community. See how it works — and why it matters.

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Nearly $33 million has been awarded to help keep Jackson County kids safe, healthy, and hopeful for 2022 and 2023. But there’s still so much to be done. Future funding will prioritize services for crisis intervention, counseling and therapy, home and community based intervention, shelter & transitional living, and prevention. Sound like your organization? Learn more about our enrollment period, eligibility requirements and how to apply.

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Local Funding for Local Children’s Mental Health Programs

Since its inception, the CSF has awarded over $68 million to support programs and services that better serve Jackson County’s children and families. In 2022, we’re funding 400 positions dedicated to help 64,000 kids in 102 programs for traditional mental health, in-home prevention services, school-based crisis intervention and more. We’re proud of the important, innovative work our funded partners are doing for Jackson County’s kids.

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What our funded partners say about the CSF


"The CSF team are the most wonderful people to work with — so understanding and tuned in to what’s going on. They’ve allowed us to keep kids safe, help them get their childhood back, and enjoy it again."

MaryAnne Metheny, CEO at Hope House in Eastern Jackson County

"The CSF funds have allowed us to grow the Zero Youth Suicide program. Without their support, we could not have added the therapists needed to support the increasing number of youth facing mental health challenges. Their support has been the biggest game changer for us!"

Kirsti Millar M.S., LPC, Program Manager at ReDiscover in Lee’s Summit

"Many of us don’t realize that each purchase we make in Jackson County provides essential mental health support to children in our community. In just five years, 1/8 of a cent sales tax has allowed the CSF to fund $68 million into local nonprofits, including Amethyst Place. Thank you for prioritizing the little ones!"

Starla Brennan, Executive Director at Amethyst Place in Kansas City

“I’m proud that Jackson County residents recognize the value of caring for our kids. As the Children’s Services Fund (CSF) cares for our children, it cares for our community.”

Oneta Templeton, Community Programs Manager at TIES
Learn more about our partners and the impact their services are making through real, day-to-day stories.
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Strategic Imperatives to Guide Our Decisions

As a voter-approved tax-funded program, the CSF puts accountability and responsibility at the forefront of decision making through four principles that guide funding and organizational best practices.


We invest in children.


We strengthen our partners.


We honor our community.


We optimize our organization.

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Impacting Jackson County kids and families year after year.

In our devotion to support organizations that help kids grow up feeling happy and healthy, we’re committed to measuring our impact annually through our Community Impact Framework. See what a difference we made in 2023 by reading the latest Community Impact Report.

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